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Conference Paper


Proceedings - Electrochemical Society, Volume PV 2005-05, Quebec, p.282-292 (2005)



Atomic layer deposition (ALD), Dielectric materials, Hafnium compounds, Metal nitrides, MOS devices, nitrogen, Thin films, X ray photoelectron spectroscopy


<p>Atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes for HfO 2 and Hf xSi (1-x)O high-k dielectric thin films were demonstrated to provide equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) as low as 7.7Å while maintaining acceptable gate leakage levels. Hafnium silicate films were deposited by "co-injection ALD" using mixed vapors of tetrakis(ethyhnethylamino)hamium (TEMAHf) and tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)silicon (TEMASi), with alternating pulses of Os as an oxidant. Dielectric properties of these films demonstrated the capability to provide high-k dielectric layers for 65nm node and beyond. The co-injection ALD technique was further extended to grow HfSiON in-situ at temperatures below 400°C. This novel sequential thermal process demonstrated nitrogen incorporation up to 15 atomic % in the HfSiON films by XPS analysis. Several ALD metal nitrides were prepared for metal gate applications for the high-k dielectrics. The effective work function of some of these materials, derived from MOSCAPs, were 4.5∼4.6 eV for 10 nm TiN, ∼4.4 eV for 15 nm HfN, and 4.4∼4.5 eV for 15 nm HfSiN.</p>


cited By 0; Conference of 207th ECS Meeting ; Conference Date: 16 May 2005 Through 20 May 2005; Conference Code:66433

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Ja Gutt, Gopalan, Sac, Brown, G. Aa, Kirsch, P. Da, Peterson, J. Ja, Gardner, M. Ia, Li, H. - Ja, Lysaght, Pa, Alshareef, H. Na, Choi, Ka, Huffinan, Ca, Wen, H. Ca, Majhi, Pa, Lee, B. Ha, Chatham, Hb, Park, Sb, Lanee, Sb, Bartholomew, Lb, and Senzaki, Ybd, “ALD of advanced high-k and metal gate stacks for MOS devices”, in Proceedings - Electrochemical Society, Quebec, 2005, vol. PV 2005-05, pp. 282-292.