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Journal Article


Procedia Engineering, Volume 38, p.1758 - 1763 (2012)



lift co-efficient


Although the equations for the flat plate, circular arc and symmetrical Joukowski airfoils are simple and direct those of the cambered airfoil are complicated and may be by-passed only because an ingenious geometrical method exist which may be used to find both the profile of the airfoil and its pressure distribution namely Karmann-Treffz geometrical construction. An Alternate geometrical method has been proposed in this paper and using fitting line theory, the equation has been arrived and performances of airfoils are studied. Few interesting results regarding co-efficient of lift, co-efficient of moment at leading edge and quarter chord, zero lift angle, lift co-efficient at zero lift angle has been discussed and compared by using design foil and XFLR.

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C. J. Thomas Renald, Sathiyalingam, K., V. Satheeshkumar, Shanavas, S., and Govindasamy, T., “An Alternate Approach For Geometrical Construction Of Subsonic Airfoil With Numerical Investigation”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 38, pp. 1758 - 1763, 2012.