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Conference Paper


CEUR Workshop Proceedings, CEUR-WS, Volume 1395, Florence; Italy, p.64-65 (2015)



A short text gets updated every now and then. With the global upswing of such micro posts, the need to retrieve information from them also seems to be incumbent. This work focuses on the knowledge extraction from the micro posts by having entity as evidence. Here the extracted entities are then linked to their relevant DBpedia source by featurization, Part Of Speech (POS) tagging, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD). This short paper encompasses its contribution to #Micropost2015 - NEEL task by experimenting existing Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Copyright © 2015 held by author(s


cited By 0; Conference of 5th Workshop on Making Sense of Microposts: Big Things Come in Small Packages, #Microposts 2015, at the 24th International Conference on the World Wide Web, WWW 2015 ; Conference Date: 18 May 2015; Conference Code:113095

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H. B. Barathi Ganesh, Abinaya, N., M Anand Kumar, Vinayakumar, R., and Soman, K. P., “AMRITA - CEN@NEEL : Identification and linking of twitter entities”, in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Florence; Italy, 2015, vol. 1395, pp. 64-65.