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Conference Proceedings


Procedia Engineering, Volume 30, Coimbatore, p.1155-1162 (2012)



Amplitude modulation, Communication, Communication tools, Digital modulations, GNU radio, Graphical user interfaces, LabViEW, MATLAB, Matlab-Simulink, Multi rate, Multiplexing schemes, Open sources, Programming concepts, Radio, Signal generation, Signal generators, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Software radio, Software-defined radios, Systems analysis, USRP


This work is a small tutorial for the new users in the field of software defined radio. Applications are build up using graphical user interface called the GNU radio companion (GRC). The idea behind developing such a tool kit is to give practical exposure in the communication concepts like basic signal generations, signal operations, multi-rate concepts, analog and digital modulation schemes and finally multiplexing schemes with the help of GNU radio. Unlike MATLAB Simulink or Labview GNU radio is open source i.e. free of cost and the concepts can be easily reached to the normal people without much of programming concepts using the pre written blocks. And programmers also have the chance to write their own applications.


cited By 5; Conference of International Conference on Communication Technology and System Design 2011, ICCTSD 2011 ; Conference Date: 7 December 2011 Through 9 December 2011; Conference Code:89225

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Gandhiraj R., Ram, R., and Dr. Soman K. P., “Analog and digital modulation toolkit for software defined radio”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 30. Coimbatore, pp. 1155-1162, 2012.