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Recent Trends in Information Technology (ICRTIT), 2011 International Conference on, IEEE, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, p.64-68 (2011)





Adaptive algorithms, adaptive antenna arrays, Adaptive arrays, Adaptive Beamforming, adaptive signal processing, Algorithm design and analysis, array signal processing, array weighing, Arrays, Computational complexity, conjugate gradient method, conjugate gradient methods, digital beamforming, Kalman filter, Kalman filters, least mean square algorithm, least mean squares methods, Least squares approximation, Long Term Evolution, long term evolution(LTE), phase shifting, recursive least square algorithm, Signal processing algorithms, Smart antennas


Smart Antennas have been gaining popularity in the recent times, as a means to enhance data rate. The reason behind this development is the availability of high-end processors to handle the complex computations involved. The major advantage of digital beamformer (smart antennas) is that phase shifting and array weighing can be performed on digital data rather than in hardware. This paper analyses the performance of three adaptive algorithms - Least Mean Square (LMS), Recursive Least Square (RLS) and Conjugate Gradient Method (CGM) for computing the array weights. In this paper digital beamforming is also performed using kalman based normalised Least Mean Square algorithm. This adaptive algorithm promises very high rate of convergence, highly reduced mean square error and low computational complexity compared to the existing adaptive algorithms. The weights obtained by the above algorithm are then used to steer the antenna array beam in the direction of interest, thereby enhancing SNR. One of the major requirements for Long Term Evolution (LTE), high datarate, can hence be achieved by smart antennas.


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A. S. Prasad, Vasudevan, S., Selvalakshmi, R., Ram, K. S., Subhashini, G., Sujitha, S., and Sabarish Narayanan B., “Analysis of adaptive algorithms for digital beamforming in Smart Antennas”, in Recent Trends in Information Technology (ICRTIT), 2011 International Conference on, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 2011, pp. 64-68.