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Journal Article


Electromagnetics, Volume 31:6, Number 6, p.448-459 (2011)



Analysis and design, Dielectric materials, Electromagnetic analysis, Impedance transformers, Industrial applications, Low loss, Low Power, Low power application, Material property, Multi-layered, Multi-layered dielectric structure, Multi-section transmission line, Oblique incidence, propagation matrix, Tapered line, Transmission line theory


This article presents a detailed electromagnetic analysis of planar multi-layered dielectric structures for low-power industrial applications. Adopting the analogy between the multi-section transmission line transformers and planar multi layered dielectrics, the material properties of each layer are determined. Design of a novel planar multi-layered absorber, namely the parabolic absorber, has been proposed in the article. The transformer is designed using commercially available low-loss dielectric materials for a frequency of 10 GHz. The feasibility of the absorber is analyzed for both normal and oblique incidences. © 2011 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


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Sa Pandi, Sabarish Narayanan B., and McGinn, V. Pa, “Analysis and design of planar multi-layered parabolic absorber for low-power applications”, Electromagnetics, vol. 31:6, pp. 448-459, 2011.