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2018 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), p.462-467 (2018)



code variance, Cognitive radio, cognitive radio spectrum sensing methods, communication networks, conveyance communication, dc balance, dedicated short range communication, DSRC, DSRC information, DSRC standards, DSRC system, electronic toll collection system, Encoding, FM0, FM0 Encoding, fully reusable DSRC Encoder, Hardware, hardware utilization rate, high data transmission, higher frequency radio signals, intelligent transportation system, Logic gates, Logistics, Manchester, Manchester encoding schemes, miller codes, Miller encoding, Multiplexing, radio spectrum management, radiofrequency identification, radiofrequency identification technology, RFID, RFID communications, RFID technology, Safety, Signal detection, similarity oriented logic simplification technique, Standards


The term DSRC which stands for Dedicated Short Range Communication, is a recent technique, that permits high data transmission in conveyance communication. Particularly, FM0 encoding and Manchester encoding schemes are adopted for DSRC standards to obtain dc balance and ensure reliability of signal. Regardless, the code variance between FM0 and Manchester restricts the designer to design a fully reusable DSRC Encoder. To overcome this limitation, Similarity Oriented Logic Simplification technique was proposed, which will result in improving the hardware utilization rate to 100% so that power and area can be reduced. Radio Frequency Identification [RFID] technology is one of the noteworthy converging technologies in this era. They are used in many fields including Logistics and Supply Chain, Race timing, Library system and so on. RFID technology can be implemented with Intelligent Transportation System, to make it applicable in Electronic Toll Collection system. For accommodating RFID in DSRC system, Miller encoding technique should be incorporated in this architecture. Miller encoding is widely used for encoding higher frequency radio signals. This project deals with the two types of encoding schemes such as FM0 and Manchester encoding that is used code the DSRC information and again encode it with miller codes for RFID communications.


cited By 0; Conference of 7th IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP 2018 ; Conference Date: 3 April 2018 Through 5 April 2018; Conference Code:142123

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S. Hemalatha and Prabhu E., “An Analysis of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Methods in Communication Networks”, in 2018 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), 2018, pp. 462-467.