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Journal of Biophysics, Hindawi Publishing Corporation (2014)



<p>Analytical investigation of MHD blood flow in a porous inclined stenotic artery under the influence of the inclined magnetic field has been done. Blood is considered as an electrically conducting Newtonian fluid. The physics of the problem is described by the usual MHD equations along with appropriate boundary conditions. The flow governing equations are finally transformed to nonhomogeneous second-order ordinary differential equations. This model is consistent with the principles of magnetohydrodynamics. Analytical expressions for the velocity profile, volumetric flow rate, wall shear stress, and pressure gradient have been derived. Blood flow characteristics are computed for a specific set of values of the different parameters involved in the model analysis and are presented graphically. Some of the obtained results show that the flow patterns in converging region (&lt;0), diverging region (&gt;0), and nontapered region (=0) are effectively influenced by the presence of magnetic field and change in inclination of artery as well as magnetic field. There is also a significant effect of permeability on the wall shear stress as well as volumetric flow rate. © 2014 Neetu Srivastava.</p>

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Dr. Neetu Srivastava, “Analysis of flow characteristics of the blood flowing through an inclined tapered porous artery with mild stenosis under the influence of an inclined magnetic field”, Journal of Biophysics, 2014.