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Journal Article


Heat Transfer—Asian Research, Volume 43, Number 8, p.734-748 (2014)



Brinkman Number, Knudsen number, slip flow, temperature jump, velocity slip


Abstract In this study the momentum and energy equations are solved to analyze the flow between two parallel plates by employing second-order velocity slip and temperature jump conditions. The flow is considered to be laminar, incompressible, hydrodynamically/thermally fully developed, and steady state. In addition to the isoflux condition, viscous dissipation is included in the analysis. Closed form expressions for the temperature field and Nusselt number are obtained as a function of the Knudsen number and Brinkman number. The Nusselt number obtained by employing the second-order model is found to be lower compared to the continuum value and agrees well with the other theoretical models. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Heat Trans Asian Res; Published online in Wiley Online Library ( DOI 10.1002/htj.21116

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Dr. Hari Mohan Kushwaha and Sahu, S. K., “Analysis of Gaseous Flow Between Parallel Plates by Second- Order Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump Boundary Conditions”, Heat Transfer—Asian Research, vol. 43, pp. 734-748, 2014.