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Conference Paper


2018 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), IEEE, Chennai, India (2018)



Analytical models, backhaul link, Bandwidth, Boats, fishing trip, heterogeneous network, Long Range Wi-Fi Backhaul Link, LR Wi-Fi, marine communication, marine fishermen, Maritime environment, mathematical model, network throughput, Network topology, oceanographic equipment, project OceanNet, radio links, sea communication, size 40.0 km to 50.0 km, Throughput, Wireless Fidelity, wireless LAN


Marine fishermen in developing countries like India do not have an economically viable mode of communication during their long fishing trip which covers a distance more than 40 to 50km range. Project OceanNet fills this gap by including a novel heterogeneous network and provides a cost-effective solution of over the sea communication. The purpose of this work is to analyse the link quality of Long Range (LR) Wi-Fi backhaul link used in OceanNet, which is significant in improving the overall network throughput. This work compares and analyzes the link quality parameters of the hardware test bed with the results obtained from sea trial. This analysis is useful to develop a simulation platform for carrying out successful tests in improving the overall network performance.

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K. Adarsh, Akshay, K. M. P., J. P. Dhivvya, Harikrishna, K. J., Simi, S., and Rao, S. N., “Analysis of Long Range Wi-Fi Backhaul Link in Maritime Environment”, in 2018 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), Chennai, India, 2018.