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Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Techno Press, Volume 53, Number 5, p.1051-1066 (2015)



Computer software, Contact analysis, Deformation, E/Y ratios, Elastic moduli, Elastic-plastic contact, Elastic-plastic contact analysis, Elastoplasticity, End effectors, Mean contact pressure, Simulation software, Strain, Strength of materials, Stresses, Vehicle wheels, Wheel-rail contact modeling, Wheels, Yield strength ratios, Yield stress


The study aims on the effect of material dependency in elastic- plastic contact models by contact analysis of sphere and flat contact model and wheel rail contact model by considering the material properties without friction. The various materials are selected for the analysis based on Young's modulus and yield strength ratio (E/Y). The simulation software 'ANSYS' is employed for this study. The sphere and flat contact model is considered as a flattening model, the stress and strain for different materials are estimated. The simulation of wheel-rail contact model is also performed and the results are compared with the flattening model. The comparative study has also been extended for finding out the mean contact pressure for different materials the E/Y values between 150 and 660. The results show that the elastic-plastic contact analysis for materials up to E/Y=296.6 is depend on the nature of material properties and also for this material the mean contact pressure to yield strength reaches 2.65. Copyright © 2015 Techno-Press, Ltd.


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V. C. Sa Gandhi, Kumaravelan, Rb, Ramesh, Sc, and Sriram, Kd, “Analysis of material dependency in an elastic - Plastic contact models using contact mechanics approach”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, vol. 53, pp. 1051-1066, 2015.