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Journal Article


Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, SPB Pharma Society, Volume 9, Number 1, p.542-547 (2016)



brightness, Forecasting, human, human experiment, model, water vapor, weather


The detection of precipitating clouds is necessary for weather prediction and climate researches. Precipitation occurs by condensation when the atmosphere is saturated with water vapour. The aim of the study is to discuss about the variations of Precipitable Water Vapour (PWV) in the case of such clouds. The brightness temperature data of 6.7ìm water vapour channel is primarily used in this study. The saturation mixing ratio can be calculated using temperature and pressure profile data. The study on PWV enhances the weather forecasting models and meteorological studies. In this study, the PWV for different precipitating clouds are estimated for a period of January-December 2014.

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S. Archana, Dr. Shanmugha Sundaram G. A., and Dr. Soman K. P., “Analysis of precipitating clouds using precipitable water vapour”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 9, pp. 542-547, 2016.