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Conference Paper


Computational Intelligence in Data Mining - Volume 2, Springer India, New Delhi (2014)





Autism is a neural developmental disorder characterized by poor social interaction, communication impairments and repeated behaviour. Reason for this difference in behaviour can be understood by studying the difference in their sensory processing. This paper proposes a mobile application which uses visual tasks to study the visual perception in children with Autism, which can give a profound explanation to the fact why they see and perceive things differently when compared to normal children. The application records the eye movements and estimates the region of gaze of the child to understand where the child's attention focuses to during the visual tasks. This work provides an experimental proof that children with Autism are superior when compared to normal children in some visual tasks, which proves that they have higher IQ levels than their peers.

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J. Amudha, Nandakumar, H., Madhura, S., M. Reddy, P., and Kavitha, N., “An Android-Based Mobile Eye Gaze Point Estimation System for Studying the Visual Perception in Children with Autism”, in Computational Intelligence in Data Mining - Volume 2, New Delhi, 2014.