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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Volume 13, Number 48, p.21248-21261 (2011)



The review presented below summarizes the up-to-date research efforts in using one-dimensional TiO2 nanomaterials in dye-sensitized solar cells. A brief account of the methods of synthesis of the anisotropic nanomaterials as well as their photovoltaic performance in DSCs was summarily presented. The usefulness of the materials as scattering layer in DSCs was also surveyed. © 2011 the Owner Societies.


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A. S. Nair, Peining, Z., Babu, V. J., Shengyuan, Y., and Ramakrishna, S., “Anisotropic TiO2 nanomaterials in dye-sensitized solar cells”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 13, pp. 21248-21261, 2011.