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Conference Paper


9th ASEAN ANSYS Conference, Singapore (2013)



A general, three-dimensional, incompressible and non-cavitating model of a glass stack coextrusion was developed and simulated using ANSYS-CFX. The model was used to simulate a core/clad chalcogenide glass-pair coextrusion, previously accomplished towards the first multilayer chalcogenide glass fiber. Experimentally measured essential chalcogenide glass properties like thermal expansion coefficient, were used to define the respective glass material models. A dynamic mesh approach was applied to simulate the transient steps of the extrusion. The dimensions in the resulting structure of the simulated extrudate were compared with experimental results and a very close agreement was obtained. This indicates that such computational fluid dynamics modelling can potentially be used as a predictive tool for complicated fiber-optic structures involving multiple material.

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Dr. Kaustav Bhowmick, “ANSYS for fiber-optics and novel photonic glass extrusion”, in 9th ASEAN ANSYS Conference, Singapore, 2013.