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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Cancer, Volume 25, Number 1, p.47-51 (1988)



animal, animal experiment, antineoplastic activity, antineoplastic agent, Antineoplastic Agents, article, drug carrier, Drug Carriers, drug derivative, intraperitoneal drug administration, liposome, Liposomes, lymphoma, Mice, mouse, Non-U.S. Gov't, nonhuman, ribavirin, ribonucleoside, Ribonucleosides, Support, tiazofurin, tiazofurin derivative, unclassified drug


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K. Nirmala, Vasudevan, D. M., and Kuttan, K., “Antitumour activity of liposomal encapsulated tiazofurin and its NAD-analogue”, Indian Journal of Cancer, vol. 25, pp. 47-51, 1988.