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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MedKnow Publications and Media, Volume 66, Number 1, p.117–120 (2004)


The bioconverted product of vinblastine (alkaloid from Vinca rosea), vinblastine monohydrazide was administered to cell line-induced solid tumour in mice and the changes in life span and tumour size were noted. It was found that the bioconverted product was an antitumour agent as it helps in the reduction of solid tumour and also in increasing the life span of tumour induced mice when compared to the crude alkaloid vinblastine.

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A. Mathew, Kurup, G. M., Dr. Jayashree G., Dr. Sudarslal S., and Vasundhara, G., “Antitumour Property of Vinblastine Monohydrazide”, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 66, pp. 117–120, 2004.