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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Nephrology, Volume 22, Number 6, p.451-454 (2012)



adult, aplastic anemia, article, atomic absorption spectrometry, blood transfusion, case report, edema, female, fever, follow up, hemoglobin, human, hypoalbuminemia, leukocyte count, membranous glomerulonephritis, mercurialism, mercury, pancytopenia, proteinuria, suicide attempt, thorax radiography, thrombocyte count


Self-injection of mercury can be life-threatening. We report a case of attempted suicide by self-intravenous injection of elemental mercury. The patient suffered from two side effects : membranous nephropathy and aplastic anemia. She was treated and the systemic effects of mercury were reversed after 4 years. The toxicology of mercury, mechanisms of renal and systemic toxicities, and the various therapeutic measures for mercury poisoning are discussed.


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Na Priya, Nagaprabhu, V. Na, Kurian, Gb, Seethalakshmi, Nc, Rao, G. Ga, and Unni, V. Nb, “Aplastic anemia and membranous nephropathy induced by intravenous mercury”, Indian Journal of Nephrology, vol. 22, pp. 451-454, 2012.