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International Business Machines Corporation, Volume 5,066,370, Number US 07/578,971 (1991)



An apparatus is provided for electrochemically processing an anodic material in strip form, such as the stainless steel print bands used in high speed printers. Also provided is an electrochemical process including electroetching, electropolishing, or both to obtain microfinishing of the material. Moreover, an electrolyte is provided which is a mixture of phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and glycerol in which the material removal rate is controlled by the addition of small amounts of sodium chloride. The electrochemical process operates at ambient temperature over a wide range of current density.

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J. C. Andreshak, Dr. Madhav Datta, Romankiw, L. T., and Vega, L. F., “Apparatus, electrochemical process, and electrolyte for microfinishing stainless steel print bands”, U.S. Patent US 07/578,9711991.