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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Volume US 2016/0035049 A1, Number 14/719,786 (2016)



An apparatus reducing power theft on a micro power grid includes a server connected to the micro power grid, the server including a processor, data repository and software executing on the processor from a non-transitory medium the software enabling collection over time of bi-directional current data from smart distribution nodes connected to identified segments of the micro power grid and from smart meters distributed to one or more client demarcation points on the identified segments, processing of the bi-directional current data to determine power theft event frequency and power theft current information, assigning of a class to the individual ones of identified segments according to results of processing, and resetting of the number of packet transmission hop counts between the smart distribution nodes on identified segments and resetting the time period interval between subsequent power theft check routines for each identified segment based upon the classification data.

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Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, Arya Devi R. D., and P. Venkat Rangan, “Apparatus for Power Theft Detection On An Electrical Power Grid (Patent Filed)”, U.S. Patent 14/719,7862016.