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Conference Proceedings


Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, Springer International Publishing, Volume 2, Cham (2018)





Kerala forest data ANN Back propagation Genetic algorithm


Forest fire prediction is the most significant component of forest fire management. It is necessary because it plays an important role in resource management and recovery efforts. So, in order to model and predict such a calamity, advanced computing technologies are needed. This paper describes a detailed analysis of forest fire prediction methods based on Artificial Neural Network and Genetic algorithm (GA). The objective is to analyse forest fire prediction in Kerala, India. This paper describes Feed Forward–Back Propagation (FFBP) algorithm to train the networks; to get optimised results, GA is used. Promising results are obtained for GA approach than ANN alone

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Maya L. Pai, Varsha, K. S., and Arya, R., “Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm for the Prediction of Forest Fire Danger in Kerala”, Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, vol. 2. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2018.