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Journal Article


Journal of the Electrochemical Society, The Electrochemical Society, Volume 136, Number 6, p.285C–292C (1989)



dissolving, electrochemistry, Etching, Micromachining, pattern formation, printed circuit manufacture, semiconductor technology


This paper discusses the principal applications of chemical and electrochemical micromachining to fabrication of electronic components. Some of the recently investigated techniques for maskless micromachining are also presented. Chemical micromachining is widely used in the present day electronics industry for a variety of applications including fabrication of metallic parts, printed circuit boards, and semiconductor devices. Electrochemical micromachining, on the other hand, appears to be very promising as a future micromachining technique since in many areas of application it offers several advantages that include higher machining rate, better precision and control, and a wider range of materials that can be machined.

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Dr. Madhav Datta and Romankiw, L. T., “Application of chemical and electrochemical micromachining in the electronics industry”, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 136, p. 285C–292C, 1989.