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Journal Article


International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Volume 2, Number 1, p.55–57 (2011)



Carnatic music, Genetic algorithm, Music composition, music therapy


Music Therapy is the use of a selected music to obtain the same expected changes and hormonal alterations in the body, played uninterrupted for a while, to obtain the desired positive effect. In this project we try to implement computerized composition of Carnatic Music for curing the ailments. There is a growing awareness that ragas could complement or even be a safe alternative for many medical interventions. For this purpose, it is necessary to design a system which can generate music given the user needs and specifications. Our project aims at implementing this idea by giving the swaras of raagas as input and generating pleasant music using genetic algorithm. This application can be used by the medical practitioners by selecting a raga for playing after giving the patient details and disease as input. Formulating the fitness criteria is a herculean task in order to satisfy coherency, variety, harmony, rhythm and to reduce redundancy. The history of the therapy should also be stored which can be used as a constraint for fitness evaluation. This application is developed using Java. A Java API, called JFugue is used to support music programming.

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J. Vasudha, Iyshwarya, G., A Selvi, T., Iniyaa, S., and Dr. Jeyakumar G., “Application of Computer-Aided Music Composition in Music Therapy”, International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, vol. 2, pp. 55–57, 2011.