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Journal Article


Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 39, Number 11, p.10160 - 10176 (2012)



integration, Optimization, Particle swarm optimization/intelligence, Supply chain management


In today’s globalization, the success of an industry is dependent on cost effective supply chain management under various markets, logistics and production uncertainties. Uncertainties in the supply chain usually decrease profit, i.e. increase total supply chain cost. Demand uncertainty and constraints posed by the every echelon are important factors to be considered in the supply chain design operations. Optimization is no longer a luxury but has become the order of the day. This paper specifically deals with the modeling and optimization of a three echelon supply chain network using the particle swarm optimization/intelligence algorithms.

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R. S. Kadadevaramath, Chen, J. C. H., B. Shankar, L., and K. Ramesh Kumar, “Application of Particle Swarm Intelligence Algorithms in Supply Chain Network Architecture Optimization”, Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 39, pp. 10160 - 10176, 2012.