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Conference Proceedings


Embedded Systems (ICES), 2014 International Conference on, p.297-301 (2014)


Analytical models, Archimate, Archimate based analysis, Business, Computer architecture, Control systems, Distributed power generation, Embedded systems, enterprise architecture, enterprise architecture analysis, enterprise architecture models, Interoperability, microgrid control system architectures, microgrid controllers, Microgrids, Open systems, power engineering computing, power system applications, Unified modeling language


<p>The architectures containing embedded systems such as microgrid controllers are becoming more complex. While there are several known methodologies for embedded system modeling and design, they mostly cover development related performance issues. There exists a gap in the management of architectures implementing embedded systems for power systems applications. This paper proposes to use enterprise architecture analysis, based on earlier work, to fill that gap. Availability, interoperability and cost analysis are in focus. Enterprise architecture models are important in order to abstract the technical detail for planning and design in order to provide a basis for discussion of technical scalability and cost management amongst stakeholders and technical experts. A microgrid control architecture based example is given to illustrate the analysis possibilities.</p>

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M. Välja, Honeth, N., Buschle, M., Lagerström, R., Dr. Sasi K. K., and Nithin, S., “An archimate based analysis of microgrid control system architectures”, Embedded Systems (ICES), 2014 International Conference on. pp. 297-301, 2014.