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Journal Article


Current Science (Impact Factor 0.935), Volume 106, Number 12, p.1759- 1763 (2014)



Information on animal venoms and plant and mineral-based poisons along with remedial procedures is available plentifully in ancient Indian texts, such as the Atharva Véda. As early as the 4th Century BC, poison therapists known as the Agandankarãs existed in India. Arthasãstra (2nd century AD?) includes references to protecting the King from being poisoned. Sušruŧa Samhitã and Çaraka Samhitã include hints on poisoning army animals.

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R. Ramya, Anantanarayanan, R., and Ram Manohar P., “The arsenic and mercury containing Tanjore Pills used in treating snake bites in the 18th century Madras Presidency”, Current Science (Impact Factor 0.935), vol. 106, pp. 1759- 1763, 2014.

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