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Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility, River Publishers, Volume 7, Number 2, p.109-130 (2018)



<p>The integrity of digital evidence is believed to be the paramount trait in the world of cyber forensics. Cybercrime investigators face myriad challenges in the process similar to accommodating the call for bulk digital evidence. In due course extraction of useful information while maintaining the integrity and absolute protection against data degradation is mandatory. In this manuscript, we propose a novel approach by applying cryptographic hashing technique to only selected significant portions of the digital evidence, so even if the overall hash does not match, investigators could still verify the integrity of those critical sections of the evidence.We put forward two notions in this manuscript; former is heterogeneous piecewise hashing which is a flexible version of the piecewise hashing strategy, and latter is a novel evidence certification strategy which formalizes evidence provability process completely. © 2018 the Author(s).</p>


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A. Gopalakrishnan, Vineti, E., Ashok Kumar Mohan, and Dr. M. Sethumadhavan, “The Art of Piecewise Hashing: A step toward better evidence provability”, Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility, vol. 7, pp. 109-130, 2018.