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International Journal of Nursing Education, Volume 8, Issue 2 (2016)



A descriptive study was undertaken to assess the psychosocial problems among parents of children attending child guidance clinic in a tertiary care hospital at Ernakulum. This study was aimed to identify the psychosocial problems of parents of dyslexic children as well as to find out the association between problems faced by parents of dyslexic children and selected demographic variables. An information booklet was also developed on care of children with dyslexia. A quantitative research approach has been used. The data was collected using socio demographic profi le and self administered rating scale on psychosocial problems among parents of dyslexic children at ending the Child Guidance Clinic. The data was analysed using descriptive (frequency, percentage) and inferential (Fishers exact probability test) statistics. Among 70 parents, 11.4% had mild psychosocial problem, 75.7% had moderate psychosocial problem and the remaining 12.9% had severe psychosocial problem. There were signifi cant association between two demographic variables, duration of disability (p value=0.011) and number of therapy sessions attended (p value=0.039). The investigation of psychosocial problems among parents of dyslexic children attending Child Guidance Clinic is warranted to facilitate the implementation of established adaptive system that prevents and decrease emotional, social, physical, cognitive and spiritual problems among the parents by providing awareness about their child’s condition.

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Dr. Sunil M. and Sinu, P., “Assessment of Psychosocial Problems among Parents of Dyslexic Children attending Child Guidance Clinics”, International Journal of Nursing Education, vol. 8, no. 2, 2016.