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Conference Paper


2020 International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC) (2020)


battery cell, Battery management systems, electric vehicle, Electric vehicles, Equivalent circuits, equivalent electric circuit model, Estimation, Integrated circuit modeling, Li-ion battery pack, Lithium-ion batteries, mathematical model, secondary cells, SoC estimation, State of Charge (SOC), state of charge estimation techniques, Voltage measurement


State of Charge (SoC) estimation of Li-ion batteries is crucial for the efficient operation of Electric vehicles. The article emphasis on the comparison of various techniques for SoC estimation of Li-ion batteries. Techniques selected for comparison is based on the easiness in implementing without compromising the accuracy. Simulation of CC and a combination of CC with an equivalent electric circuit model of a battery cell with closed-loop correction is carried out in MATLAB. The performance is evaluated and simulation results are presented.

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A. Harigopal and Nithin S, “Assessment of State of Charge estimation techniques for Li-Ion battery pack”, in 2020 International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC), 2020.