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Journal Article


Physical Review C, Volume 77 (2008)



We study the effect of rotation on global properties of neutron star with a hyperon core in an effective chiral model with varying nucleon effective mass within a mean field approach. The resulting gross properties of the rotating compact star sequences are then compared and analyzed with other theoretical predictions and observations from neutron stars. The maximum mass of the compact star predicted by the model lies in the range (1.4−2.4) M⊙ at Kepler frequency ΩK, which is consistant with recent observation of high mass stars thereby reflecting the sensitivity of the underlying nucleon effective mass in the dense matter EoS. We also discuss the implications of the experimental constraints from the flow data from heavy-ion collisions on the global properties of the rotating neutron stars.

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T. Jha, Moshra, H., and V. Sreekanth, “On attributes of a Rotating Neutron star with a Hyperon core”, Physical Review C, vol. 77, 2008.