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Conference Paper


Technology for Education (T4E), 2010 International Conference on, IEEE, Mumbai, p.82-84 (2010)


The quality of pronunciation of a letter or word is most important for better conversations. We can accurately perceive the contextual information only when the speech sounds are produced clearly. The quality of any speech sound depends on the movements of organs of the human speech-production system. Nowadays, communication disorders are challenging the carrier development of individuals and growth of the nation. In this paper, we present an effective audio-visual based Tamil pronunciation dictionary by incorporating the visual actions of the organs for improving communication skills.


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K. Palanisamy, Kumar, A. Manoj, Chinnappa, M., M Manikandan, S., and Soman, K. P., “Audio visual based pronunciation dictionary for Indian languages”, in Technology for Education (T4E), 2010 International Conference on, Mumbai, 2010, pp. 82-84.