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Defence Science Journal, Defense Scientific Information and Documentation Centre, Volume 66, Number 6, p.594-599 (2016)



Authenticated key agreement, Computational diffie-hellman problems, Cryptography, Discrete logarithm problems, Encryption schemes, Higher-dimensional, Key establishments, One dimensional, Signature Scheme, Vector decompositions, Vector spaces, Vectors


Encryption using vector decomposition problem (VDP) on higher dimensional vector spaces is a novel method in cryptography. Yoshida has shown that the VDP on a two-dimensional vector space is at least as hard as the computational Diffie-Hellman problem on a one-dimensional subspace under certain conditions. Steven Galbraith has shown that for certain curves, the VDP is at most as hard as the discrete logarithm problem on a one-dimensional subspace. Okomoto and Takashima proposed encryption scheme and signature schemes using VDP. An authenticated key agreement scheme using vector decomposition problem is proposed in this paper. © 2016, DESIDOC.


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I. Praveen, Rajeev, K., and Sethumadhavan, M., “An authenticated key agreement scheme using vector decomposition”, Defence Science Journal, vol. 66, pp. 594-599, 2016.