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Journal Article


International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology, Volume 9, Issue 3 (2019)



demand dispatch, Microgrid, real time data communication, wind electric generator


The variability of wind power generation adversely affects the grid conditions and the utilities find it challenging to accommodate variations in the injected wind power. To resolve this issue utilities impose curtailment of wind power generation. Demand side management (DSM) strategies have gained popularity among utilities in recent years. An advanced Demand Response (DR) scheme known as Demand Dispatch (DD) enable utilities to reshape demand curve to closely follow generation. An automated DD strategy is proposed as a solution to the issues related to high penetration of wind turbine generators (WTG) on micro grid. It basically balances the WTG power injection with real time controlled dispatchable loads. DD adopts smart communication for real time data collection as well as for dispatchable load management. A field implementation of DD in maintaining voltage stability in a DC microgrid with micro-WTG (m-WTG) is studied. The experiment results presented validate the scheme.

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Nithin S, K. Vijith, C., R., and Dr. Sasi K. K., “Automated Dispatch of Wind Power On Microgrid For Voltage Regulation”, International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology, vol. 9, no. 3, 2019.