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Journal Article


International Journal of control theory and applications, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.1409-1420 (2016)


Celebrity Images, Image recognition, Image sorting


Now days it has become trend to follow all the celebrities as we consider them as our role models. So instead of searching the images of various celebrities in different websites we can find them in a single website by sorting all the images. Reliable database of images is essential for any image recognition system. Through Internet we find all the required images. These images will serve as samples for automatic recognition system. With these images we do face detection, face recognition, face sorting using various techniques like local binary patterns, haar cascades. We make an overall analysis of the detector. Using opencv we detect and recognize images. Similarity matching is done to check how the images are related to each other. Collection of images is based on user defined templates, which are in web browser environment. With the help of this system one can give their requirement and the image of celebrity is displayed based on that

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S. K and N. Lalithamani, “Automatic scraper of celebrity images from heterogeneous websites based on face recognition and sorting for profiling”, International Journal of control theory and applications, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 1409-1420, 2016.