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Journal of Agricultural Science (Toronto), Volume 1, Issue 1, p.33-52 (2009)



In the current scenario most of the countries do not have sufficient skilled manpower specifically in agricultural sector and it affects the growth of developing countries. So it’s a time to automate the sector to overcome this problem. An innovative idea of our project is to automate the process of sowing crops such as sunflower, baby corn, groundnut and vegetables like beans, lady’s finger, pumpkin and pulses like black gram, green gram etc to reduce the human effort and increase the yield. The plantations of seeds are automatically done by using DC motor. The distance between the two seeds are controlled and varied by using Microcontroller. It is also possible to cultivate different kinds of seeds with different distance. When the Robo reaches the end of the field we can change the direction with the help of remote switches. The whole process is controlled by Microcontroller.

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S. C. M. Amie and T. Mohanraj, “Automation and Emerging Technology Development of 2d Seed Sowing Robo”, Journal of Agricultural Science (Toronto), vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 33-52, 2009.