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Journal Article


Int.J.Computer Technology & Applications, Volume 5, Number 4, p.1491-1494 (2014)



Finding a feasible lecture/tutorial timetable in a large university department is a challenging problem faced continually in educational establishments. This paper
presents an evolutionary algorithm (EA) based approach to solving a heavily constrained university timetabling problem. The approach uses a problem-specific chromosome representation. Heuristics and context-based reasoning have been used for obtaining feasible timetables in a reasonable computing time. An intelligent adaptive mutation scheme has been employed for speeding up the convergence. The comprehensive course timetabling system presented in this paper has been validated, tested and discussed using real world data from a large university.

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S. D. Shenoy, Sharma, V., and Dr. S. Santhanalakshmi, “Automation of Timetable Generation using Genetic Algorithm”, Int.J.Computer Technology & Applications, vol. 5, pp. 1491-1494, 2014.