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Journal Article


Ayurpharm IJAAS, Volume 7, Issue 4, p.57 – 63 (2018)


The treasure of knowledge is still hidden in manuscripts in India. It is shocking that not even 5% of available manuscripts are brought into light till date. It is interesting to know the varieties of topics that are described in these manuscripts. Among this, Ayurvedic manuscripts are also available in a considerable amount. It is very important for any Ayurvedic fellow to preserve and publish such classics to revive the golden era of Ayurvedic system, till it is brought to the status of main stream of medicine. The institutionalised Ayurvedic study entirely depends on important classical books published by spectacular efforts of Ayurvedic and Sanskrit experts during pre and past independence time. This is an analytical review to explore the herculean task of reviving gigantic collection of Ayurvedic classics and explore it to global community so that the power of this knowledge system is used fruitfully to serve humanity. Only through enriching the source of knowledge and converting it into an implacable form as per present social life that the students and practitioners of Ayurvedic fraternity can be made confident and successful in their own field. This will open up different viewpoints and practical approaches about the medical system and resolve confusions and misunderstandings.

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D. Jyothi, KK, D., and Shyamasundaran K., “Ayurvedic Manuscripts- A review”, Ayurpharm IJAAS, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 57 – 63, 2018.