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Conference Paper


Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), 2014 , IEEE (2014)



This paper presents the nonlinear control for variable speed wind turbine (VSWT). The dynamics of the wind turbine (WT) are derived from the single mass model. The control objective is to maximize the energy capture from the wind with reduced oscillation on the drive train. The generator torque is considered as the control input and it depends on the optimal rotor speed which is derived from the effective wind speed. The effective wind speed is estimated from the aerodynamic torque and rotor speed by using the modified Newton Rapshon (MNR). Initially the conventional sliding mode controller (SMC) is considered. The control performance of SMC was compared with Backstepping Sliding Mode Control (BSMC) for different level of disturbance. The conventional SMC and proposed BSMC are tested with mathematical model and validated through the different mean wind speed. The result shows the better performance of BSMC and robustness to disturbances.

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R. Saravanakumar and Jena, D., “Backstepping sliding mode control for variable speed wind turbine”, in Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), 2014 , 2014.