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Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Volume 10, Number 4, p.643-650 (2011)



A clinical study of BalaTaila (sesame oil processed with Sida cordifolia and some other indigenous compound) Pariseka (instillation) in wound healing was conducted on 30 patients and were divided into two groups of 15 each. Group I (trial group) treated by Bala Taila local application once daily & Group II (control group) treated by the cleaning with normal saline. Sterile dry gauze was used for dressing with an aim to assess the effectiveness of BalaTaila Parisheka in wound healing. Results exhibited that there is, reduction of pain (85%), swelling (80%), changes to normal colour (84.44%), reduction in discharge (82.92%), appearance of granulation (86.66%) and size of wound reduced to (79.41%). The result of Bala Taila was found statistically significant in the process of wound healing.


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R. Na Tripathy, Otta, S. Pb, and Siddram, Ac, “Bala taila parisheka - a traditional approach in wound healing”, Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, vol. 10, pp. 643-650, 2011.