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Volume US5937320 A, Number US 09/057,205 (1999)



The present invention provides a means of fabricating a reliable C4 flip-chip structure for low-temperature joining. The electrochemically fabricated C4 interconnection has a barrier layer between the electroplated tin-rich solder bump and the ball-limiting metallurgy that protects the terminal metal in the ball-limiting metallurgy from attack by the Sn in the solder. The barrier layer is electroplated through the same photoresist mask as the solder and thus does not require a separate patterning step. A thin layer of electroplated nickel serves as a reliable barrier layer between a copper-based ball-limiting metallurgy and a tin-lead (Sn--Pb) eutectic C4 ball.

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P. Constantin Andricacos, Dr. Madhav Datta, Horkans, W. Jean, Kang, S. Kwon, and Kwietniak, K. Thomas, “Barrier layers for electroplated SnPb eutectic solder joints”, U.S. Patent US 09/057,2051999.