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ICECT 2011 - 2011 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology, Volume 2, Kanyakumari, p.310-315 (2011)





Analog circuits, Behavioral modeling, Capacitive circuits, Capacitive sensor, Circuit non-idealities, Closed loop mode, Computer simulation, Delta modulation, Delta sigma modulation, EA modulators, High resolution, Low noise, Low Power, MATLAB /simulink, MEMS technology, Mixed-signal design, Modulators, Novel methods, Open loops, Over sampling ratio, Pulse circuits, Quantization noise, Quantizers, Radio receivers, Readout circuitry, Second orders, Sigma Delta modulator, Validation results


The simulation of sigma-delta modulators using behavioral modeling has become the corner stone and is a part of the core of today's mixed-signal design and analysis. In this paper, precise behavioral modeling of generic switched-capacitive interfacing circuit is presented. A novel method of designing a sigma delta modulator is developed and implemented using MATLAB/SIMULINK tool to obtain a high resolution, low noise readout circuitry due to its ease in construction of complex modules. The topology consists of second order sigma-delta modulator which includes a 1-bit quantizer. An oversampling ratio of 256 was selected to give the best SNDR and safe circuit non-idealities. The implementation includes both the open-loop and closed loop modes to make the model a reliable tool for the design of low-power, particularly for their embedded high speed sigma-delta modulators used in MEMS technology. Evaluation and validation results from simulations of 2 nd sigma-delta modulators demonstrate that the model is valid and accurate. © 2011 IEEE.


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A. S. Priya and Vaya, P., “Behavioral modeling of switched capacitive interfacing circuitry using MATLAB/SIMULINK”, in ICECT 2011 - 2011 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology, Kanyakumari, 2011, vol. 2, pp. 310-315.