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Advances in Structural Engineering, Volume 3, p.2285-2298 (2015)



The reinforced concrete slabs have experienced significant levels of stressing and cracking as a result of restrained thermal deformations. However, for evaluating the thermal strains in the slab, temperature distribution of the slab is required.Temperature distribution of the reinforced concrete slab varies from point o point. The temperature of unexposed concrete slab also rises due to the adjacent slab which is exposed to fire, even though concrete is having significant resistance for the propagation of fire. In this study, temperature distribution over the surface of concret slab is obtained using finite element computer program (ABAQUS). Two different cases are considered to estimate the heat propagation through slab. In the first case, slabis subjected to fire at its center region. In the second case, slab is subjected to fire at outer region means along the walls. Modelling is carried out to predict thetemperature distribution and thermal strains of concrete slab. The other parameters considered for this study are varying thickness of slab (100 and 200 mm) and exposed temperature (100, 200, 300 and 400 °C). The duration of exposure considered for the study is 4 h.

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R. N Babu, M. K. Haridharan, and Natarajan, C., “Behaviour of Two Way Reinforced Concrete Slab at Elevated Temperature”, in Advances in Structural Engineering, vol. 3, 2015, pp. 2285-2298.