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IFMBE Proceedings, Springer Verlag, Volume 52, p.166-169 (2015)





Agglutination, Algorithms, Antigen-antibody reactions, Bacteria, Blood, Chemical reactions, Edge detection, Edge detection algorithms, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), FPGA implementations, Image matching, Image processing, Image processing algorithm, Image processing technique, Plate test, Simulink, System Generator, System-on-chip


Blood grouping is an essential procedure in blood transfusions, donations and other emergencies. An error in grouping or a cross match can have adverse effect on the patient. Conventional way of blood grouping is performed manually on the basis of agglutination of blood in reaction with chemical reagents. The above method can lead to human errors while handling a large number of samples. Various systems have been developed to automate blood typing, but their excess testing time made it difficult during emergencies. This work emphasizes the FPGA implementation of an image processing algorithm to determine the blood group of a person. To do so, it uses plate test and image processing techniques using Vivado System Generator. Edge detection algorithm is performed in the image captured from the plate test. The number of edges determines whether the sample has agglutination or not. By comparing the number of edges in the image, blood group is classified. The proposed algorithm is implemented on a standard FPGA Development Board and its performance is evaluated by calculating accuracy of classification. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.


cited By 0; Conference of 7th World Congress on Bioengineering, WACBE 2015 ; Conference Date: 6 July 2015 Through 8 July 2015; Conference Code:155899

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A. B. Krishnan and Peeyush, K. P., “Blood group determination using vivado system generator in Zynq SoC”, in IFMBE Proceedings, 2015, vol. 52, pp. 166-169.