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Journal Article


Chem Commun (Camb), Volume 53, Issue 81, p.11213-11216 (2017)


<p>Herein, we report rational design, synthesis, and application of a two-photon fluorescent probe (Tyro-1) for tracking intracellular tyrosinase activity. The chemoselective detection of tyrosinase is precluded from interference of other competitive omnipresent oxidizing entities in cellular milieu. The probe showed 12.5-fold fluorescence enhancement at λem = 450 nm in the presence of tyrosinase. The nontoxic probe Tyro-1 provides information about H2O2-mediated upregulation of tyrosinase through cellular imaging. Its two-photon imaging ability makes it a noninvasive tool for validating the expression of tyrosinase in the live cells.</p>

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K. Naidu Bobba, Won, M., Shim, I., Velusamy, N., Yang, Z., Qu, J., Kim, J. Seung, and Bhuniya, S., “A BODIPY-based two-photon fluorescent probe validates tyrosinase activity in live cells.”, Chem Commun (Camb), vol. 53, no. 81, pp. 11213-11216, 2017.