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Conference Paper


2017 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), IEEE, Chennai, India (2018)



Acoustics, border surveillance, dry leaves movement, efficient border surveillance, Feature extraction, human intruder movement, Indian Army Camp, intruder detection, intruder detection system, latest Uri attack, Microphones, multi-sensing system, multisensing system, Robot sensing systems, Security of data, Surveillance, Systems architecture, Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless sensor networks


Intrusion of terrorists and trespassers are adversely affecting the peace and harmony in the nation. The fatalities and disturbances caused by the latest Uri attack in Indian Army Camp show the necessity of an efficient border surveillance and intruder detection system for the effective monitoring and detecting the unauthorized movement of intruders across the national borders. Conventional border patrolling lacks an integrated multi-sensing system that coordinates various technologies for surveillance and detection of human intruder movement in the different border scenarios: flat surface movement, river/pond crossing and dry leaves movement. This paper describes the current Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) techniques related to intruder detection and border surveillance. Our future work focuses on delivering an improved multi-sensing system for detecting intrusion activities to secure the national borders.

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D. Arjun, Indukala, P. K., and K. A. Unnikrishna Menon, “Border surveillance and intruder detection using wireless sensor networks: A brief survey”, in 2017 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP), Chennai, India, 2018.