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Conference Paper


Engineering Education (ICEED), 2009 International Conference on (2009)


Bridges, Collaborative software, Computer industry, Computer science, CS curriculum, Educational institutions, Educational technology, Engineering education, FOSS, Gears, Open Source Software, skill-gap, Software measurement


<p>The expectations of industry from Computer Science (CS) graduates is increasing as technology is advancing rapidly. Despite the several measures taken by academia to gear up their curriculum to match the expectations, the software industry still sees a lot of gap in the skill level. In this paper we have explored the possibility of using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and FOSS activities to bridge this skill gap.</p>

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V Smrithi Rekha, Adinarayanan, V., Maherchandani, A., and Aswani, S., “Bridging the Computer Science skill gap with Free and Open Source Software”, in Engineering Education (ICEED), 2009 International Conference on, 2009.