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Journal Article


Procedia Computer Science, Volume 10, p.499 - 506 (2012)



Cloud computing, Mobile ambients, policylanguage, Security, spatio-temporal logic


We present a formal policy language (C2L) for stating permissible cloud configurations. Syntactically, C2L is based upon a spatio-temporal modal logic and provides a concise and clear statement of policy constraints for colocation, hosting, migration, security, andavailability.We illustrate the language witha numberof policyspecificationexamples and also present an algorithm forverifying whethera cloud configuration along with its history satisfiesaC2Lpolicy specification.We provide complexity analysisof the algorithm, and conclude thatC2Lisa useful and viable formalism for specifying and verifying cloud configuration policies

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Jayaraj Poroor and Bharat Jayaraman, “C2L:A Formal Policy Language for Secure Cloud Configurations”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 10, pp. 499 - 506, 2012.