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Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the DAE-BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Volume 44 (2012)



The success in the description of half lives and Q-values of Super heavy elements (SHE) using the microscopic alpha daughter nucleus potential and S-Matrix method (SM) prompted us to extend the analysis to the nuclei in the rare earth regions with A=152-181. We have reported in 2010, the results of the half lives and Q-values for the nuclei A=152-181 using WKB method. In this paper we report the results obtained using the more accurate S-Matrix method. The microscopic alpha nucleus potential is generated in the double folding model (τρρ-approximation) using relativistic mean field (RMF) densities along with density dependent M3Ynucleon-nucleon interaction. This potential is then used in the SM method to calculate both Q-values and decay half lives

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K. Aditya, Dharani, Ma, Prema, P., Dr. Mahadevan S., and Shastry, C. S., “Calculation of Q values and Half lives of $\alpha$-decay for A= 152-181 using S-Matrix method”, Proceedings of the DAE-BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics, vol. 44. 2012.