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Journal Article


Journal of Testing and Evaluation, ASTM, Volume 33, Number 6, p.406-410 (2005)



black cotton soil, California bearing ratio, Cements, Fly ash


Fly ash is a finely divided mineral residue resulting from the combustion of coal in power plants that occupies large extents of land and also causes environmental problems. Hence, concerted attempts are being made to effectively use fly ash in an environmentally friendly way instead of dumping. Several studies have been carried out for its bulk utilization, such as its addition to improve the California bearing ratio (CBR) of soil in roads and embankments. But a thorough mixing of fly ash with soil may not be possible in the field. Hence a study has been carried out on the CBR behavior of black cotton soil and Raichur fly ash (which is class F) in layers and compared with the same in mixes. The results show that the CBR values of soil-fly ash mixes are better than layers, as expected. To improve the strength of layers, cement is used as an additive to fly ash. The results show that black cotton soil can be improved with stabilized fly ash, solving its strength problem as well as the disposal problem of fly ash.

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L. B, Dr. Mini K. M., and S, P. N., “California Bearing Ratio Behaviour of Soil Stabilized Class F Fly Ash Systems”, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, ASTM, vol. 33, pp. 406-410, 2005.