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Journal Article


Int J Biol Macromol, Volume 110, p.140-149 (2018)


amphotericin B, Animals, Candida glabrata, Candidiasis, carrageenan, Drug Delivery Systems, gelatin, Macrophages, Mice, Nanoparticles, RAW 264.7 Cells


<p>Intercellular Candida glabrata infections are difficult to treat due to poor penetration of drugs into the fungal niche. Delivering amphotericin B (Amp B) into the macrophages where the pathogen inhabits is an effective solution. We are studying the macrophage targeting proficiency of ɩ-carrageenan for the delivery of Amp B using gelatin A nanoparticles (GNPs). The choice of gelatin A was the outcome of in silico inspections where the amino functionalized polymer having the best docking score with Amp B was selected. We prepared a sustained release formulation of amp B loaded carboxymethyl ɩ-carrageenan conjugated gelatin nanoparticles (CMC-Amp B-GNPs) with size 343±12nm and -25±5.3mV zeta potential. The formulations were found to be stable, biocompatible and non-haemolytic. Flow cytometry analysis showed 3 fold higher uptake of CMC-GNPs compared to the GNPs by RAW 264.7 cells. CMC-Amp B-GNPs showed enhanced antifungal activity than bare Amp B and Amp B-GNPs.</p>

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V. Aparna, Melge, A. Rohit, Rajan, V. K., Biswas, R., Jayakumar, R., and C Mohan, G., “Carboxymethylated ɩ-carrageenan conjugated amphotericin B loaded gelatin nanoparticles for treating intracellular Candida glabrata infections.”, Int J Biol Macromol, vol. 110, pp. 140-149, 2018.